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There are four seasons in one year. They are spring, summer, autumn, winter. They are determined by the movements that makes the earth turning around the sun. Their succession means that in every part of the earth there are the same climatic conditions in different periods of the year. This fact has a role in our society in particular and for all living beings in general. However, our ecosystem is severely compromised by a number of external risks ( pollution, ozone hole, global warming,...). The objective of this WebQuest, inspired by the story THE FOUR SEASONS SPRITES by Marko Simčič, is to get pupils from different schools in Europe increased ecological awareness, stimulating the same in their love for nature and culture.


After reading the story of Simcic you have to rebuild it, entering all informations relating to the condition that the climate change in the four seasons determines on the way of living in your country and basing yourself on your personal experience. In this task can be to you of great help the works that artists, musicians, poets, writers have done. In them you will find an important treasure to guard.You can use all your imagination and creativity to fulfill this mission. Are you ready? Good luck and good job to all.


The first thing you need to do is create a well-organized teamwork with which you will need to exchange information, compare during the course of activities, make important decisions. You can use chat, email, video conferences, forums to communicate with your partners.
Within each group subdivide tasks. The story takes place over a year and will follow the gradual spend of the season. You are the inhabitants of the magical land of Europeland. Performing various tasks: reporters,investigating , artists , musicians, writers .


Your task is to detect the weather conditions of the place you live in and create a time line.



Your task is to document through photos and informations as the inhabitants of the place where you live have adapted to seasonal changes.
  1. Nature,
  2. Foods,
  3. Holidays,
  4. Outdoor activities.
  5. Places to Go


To share your presentation



To share your photos or make slideshow




  1. Expands knowledge about the four seasons observing the paintings by important artists of your country
  2. Among the works presented by your partners choose those you like more (one or two per school) and explain by videoconferencing, chat or other communication tools why it you like and what inspires feelings in you.
  3. After having analyzed it, with the detected elements create fairy tales or your artistic reproduction.

  1. Find the typical music ( mp3 or youtube video) of your country about the theme of the four seasons .
  2. Listen carefully at the music of your partner.
  3. Choose some music and draws the images that the music arouse in you about the topic in question.
  4. With drawings, create an art gallery.

  1. Complete descriptions of the four seasons using proverbs, poems, nursery rhymes, fairy tales typical of your country.
  2. represents some of them with the design, animations,...
    With some images derived from them creates postcards, animations, movie.

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