giovedì 22 ottobre 2009


Dear girls and boys,

We want to tell you the story of a beautiful autumn fairytale you will enjoy it. It is entitled "The chestwoman".

This is the story of a Chestwoman. She was named Tana and she was a very nice woman. Children loved her because when they didn´t money she gave them the chestnuts as a present. They loved her too for things very funny. She explained wanderful tales. They closed their eyes and everything seemed true.

Tana waited happily the arrival of the autumn. When the leaves of the trees became golden colour, the wind blows hardly and leaves dance cracy in the countries. Then Tana dressed up like a Chestnut woman, with a bell-shaped skirt, a tight shirt and a headscarf on the head. She sat on her chair and started to roast chestnuts. Chestnuts roasted slowly leaving a delicious smell arround them. "Buy!" "Buy roasted chestnuts!" "hot chestnunts"! Shouted Tana.

At night, when the cold began to be harder the Chestnut woman went back home. A little house but very beautiful. There, She prepared the chestnuts for the next day.

Tana waited impatient the day of "All Saints" because it was the day she sold more chestnuts. At night lots of families celebrated thhe party eating marzipan and roasted chestnuts.

But some days before the party, a strange woman with an angry face went into Tana's house and stole all the chestnuts. After, she went out running. She was another chestnut woman, a sad and bad-tempered woman. She was jaleous of Tana because children loved her and on the other hand children didn´t buy her chestnuts and they didn´t give her their smiles as present.

What sad Tana was! She sat near the fire and cried and cried until she was aslept. And see what happened...

Children, as each day on the way to school bought chestnuts to Tana, but that day, when they noticed she wasn´t there, they run to her home. They found her crying and very cold. She explained them what happened. Children want to help her, then they borke their piggy banks joined all the money and bought a sac of raw chestnuts. Imagine the happiness of Tana when she saw she had chestnuts to roast. She gave them lots of hugs and very touched she said: -" You are the more beautiful children in the world".

While, the jaleous chestnut woman roasted the stolen chestnuts they began to jump and exploit making a horrible noise. Frightened people run away form there. - "this is a punish because I stole the chestnuts", she thought and she went to sorry to Tana. She forgave her with affection and form that moment they were good friends.

And do you know what happend next...?

Children decided to buy her chestnuts too and give her their smiles as present. From that day, she never was sad again and...

Colorín colorado

Este cuento se ha acabado.

Or we can finish too,

Colorín colorete,

por la chimenea viene un cohete!

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Primary School of Rionero in Vulture on 27 ottobre 2009 14:43 ha detto...

Hi, very very beautiful work. We like much this story and her end...

Maria on 28 ottobre 2009 11:43 ha detto...

Thank you very much. Yesteraday I recived the letter to start the on-line course obout the web 2.0. I hope learn a lot to use here!

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