mercoledì 28 ottobre 2009

Autumn works

In this season, many activities are linked to the fruits that the Autumn brings us. Today we went to visit a vineyard for a closer look at the vintage and....

Do you Know the origin of the grape?
According to an ancient Italian legend....
Many years ago, the vines not produced grapes. It was an ornamental plant, like many others. At the center of a small vegetable garden grew a beautiful life full of branches and leaves. This magnificent plants receive plenty of sunlight and derived great benefit The branches of the vine longer and longer over turf seeded and covered them with their shadows. The gardener was concerned - Even plants need sun - he said to himself. - I must prune the vine. On a gray and cloudy days, the gardener cutted vigorously the branches longer of the beautiful ornamental plant and took away the large leaves from the other branches. The lives they suffered and wept. When evening came, a nightingale perched delicately on a branch of the vine began to sing to comfort her. His singing was so sweet, that the plant experienced a feeling of well being His tears soak of sweetness and remained there, on branches as small pearls. The night slowly fades away, the appearance of the day the sun wrapped the vine with its soft and warm rays. Then, as by magic the plant feel sap flow in a new whether . Her tears, like beautiful pearls, began to transform itself small fruits: the first grapes. A playful breeze to quickly switch between the branches of the vine and gathered the grapes in clusters more or less large.

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Maria on 18 novembre 2009 17:30 ha detto...

It´s really beautiful

Maria Teresa on 18 novembre 2009 21:20 ha detto...


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