giovedì 17 dicembre 2009


Merry Christmas to you all,

These days we are making a lot of crafts and activities to celebrate Christmas at school like carols and theatres.
On the next tuestay, the 22nd of December we are going to celebrate a Carol Festival at school.

This is our programme:

Infant Education:

Teathre: "The born of Jesus"
Carol: "Campana sobre campana"

Primary Education:

1st class:
Carol: Little Red Riding Hood goes to Belem.

2nd class:
Carol: "El constipado"
Poetry: "El Portal"

3rd class:
Carol: "Dime niño de quién eres"

4th class:
Estampas navideñas: Anuncio de los ángeles.

5th class:
Carol: "Merry Christmas"

6th class:
Carol: "Wonderland"
Carol: "Navidad Rock"

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