mercoledì 23 dicembre 2009

Winter traditions in Maramures, Romania

Festival of the habits and customs of Winter Marmatia is one of the most important events that hosting Sighet(town situated 70 km from Baia Mare), which aims to be, as stated in the first edition of the Carnival and festival county winter habits and customs of Maramures, my region, (27 -28 December)"an opportunity and a way to print the same time a new content and a sense of ancient traditions and customs, to harness and present everything Maramures most lasting and most authentic folk art forging generations of these wonderful people in the north of our country. This goal has been preserved to time, the festival has become "a habit, a sign of ground, evidence of creative power and permanence, but a sign of spiritual solidarity, unity and continuity of our entire Romanian land" managed to inform national and international public on the traditions, costumes and habits of winter (carols and games with masks) developed from Christmas to Epiphany.
The festival is done without interruption since 1969, around the date of December 27, the year 2008 is the 40th edition, in which I participated, too.
I made these photos.
Winter traditions in Maramures, Romania on PhotoPeach

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