sabato 8 maggio 2010

Mother's day

The origins of this feast are lost over the centuries and peoples, to go back to the ancient Greeks and ancient Romans, who at this time of celebrating the divinity related to fertility.
It is in May, in fact, that the awakening of nature becomes more evident and joyful, full of colors and fragrances, circulated by the first hot air.
The world and pastoral, whose life was deeply tied to the seasons and climate, could only greet with feasts and festivals the end of winter, and the next maturing crops, carefully prepared during the coldest months. In Italy, Mother's Day was celebrated for the first time in 1957 by Don Otello Migliosi in Assisi, in the small village of Tordibetto of which he was pastor. In the past in Italy Mother's Day fell regularly the May 8, until was decided to fix the second Sunday of May, adopting the American date.On the occasion of this anniversary the children bring flowers, sweets, gifts and small attention to their mothers.
We students of class VB this year we held a very special surprise for our mother. Do you want to know what? Watch the video below.

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