mercoledì 23 giugno 2010

Memories of summer

We Italians are used to spend our summer vacation periods at sea. With some shells collected last year during our summer vacation, we realized paintings. In addition, our classmates of class V B have written beautiful poems.

The sea

Blue sea
you are a clear sky.
Great sea,
immense love.
Sea full of color,
you're a giant rainbow.
Shining sea,
You are the sunshine.
Rough sea
you are a horse that runs angry.
Sea you are a brother,
in the summer you give jewels.
Sea are a caress
with your gentle breeze

Joy to the sea

How nice to go to sea,
with the foaming waves.
How nice to go to sea
play, laugh, joke.
How nice to eat ice cream
and then a nice avocado.

How nice swim
among the rocks near the sea.
How nice to make sand castles
on the sunny beach.
How nice to go to sea
e. .. I want back soon.

Pupils of class IV E and V B

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