domenica 4 ottobre 2009

The four October in Italy

by Cimabue
The 4 are held solemn liturgical celebrations in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, founder of the mendicant order and patron of Italy. Also known as "the poor man of Assisi", his tomb is a pilgrimage destination for tens of thousands of devotees every year. The feast is celebrated on October 4, the day of death, but the celebrations in his honor starting the day before.
On the morning of 3 indeed, in the lower church of the Basilica of San Francesco, by the various municipalities and regions of Italy is made a symbolic bid for oil votive lamp that always burns before the tomb. This gesture of devotion provides that each year, in turn, an Italian region provides the oil for the lamp to be lit the following year. At sunset on the same day is commemorated, so exciting, the "Transit" that the death of the Poor Man of Assisi, and this revival is then repeated, late at night, even in the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli.
The 4 are held solemn liturgical celebrations in honor of the saint.
The two-day also see meeting in Assisi members of the national government and representatives of local authorities.
Related events include dance performances and folk songs.

St. Francis is famous for the Canticle of the Creatures

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