mercoledì 21 ottobre 2009

The woods in Autumn

How many gifts bring to us the Autumn!!!!
The forest is full of surprises: the trees change their appearance, the leaves turn of many colors and fall , the latest fruits are preparing to mature.

Today we went with our teachers in the forest to know better these gifts and....

all the ground was covered with so many leaves and curls.

Take a look! From some open curly you can see the chestnuts.

We are not alone. Who's in the woods? This people are collecting chestnuts.

A lady shows us the chestnuts gathered in her apron and tell us that with chestnuts can be prepared so many good things to eat. A typical dessert of our country is the chestnut cake . Want to know the recipe? Read here
But how good are these chestnuts! Want to know a nursery rhyme? Continue to follow.

C'è un frutto rotondetto,

di farina ne ha un sacchetto;

se lo mangi non si lagna,

questo frutto è la castagna.

La castagna in acqua cotta

prende il nome di ballotta.

Arrostita e profumata,

prende il nome di bruciata.

Se la macino è farina:

dolce, fina, leggerina.

Se la impasto che ne faccio?

Un fragante castagnaccio!

There is a round fruit ,
has a bag of flour;
if you eat does not complain,
this fruit is the chestnut.
The chestnut cooked in water
is called Ballotta.
Roasted and fragrant
is called burnt.
If I grind it is flour
sweet, fine, leggerina.
If I dough it what I make?
A fragrant chestnut cake!

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